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November 2022 – “Digital Climate Solutions – Innovative tools in the fight against climate change” is the new Carbonsink webinar scheduled for Tuesday, 29 November, at 11 a.m.

There is no doubt about the need to act now, all together, and concretely, for the climate, and about the role of the private sector to be aware and active in the fight against climate change.

But what can really make a difference in the sustainable transition?

To reach the net-zero goal as quickly as possible and on a larger scale, we need innovative technology solutions. This is why Carbonsink and South Pole have invested in Digital Climate Solutions, confident that these solutions can support all companies, of all sizes and sectors, to support decarbonisation.

Digital solutions are able to help companies in defining their climate strategies with immediate action: from measuring to reducing their own emissions, tracking also those related to their production chains, indispensable to reduce their environmental impact; to offsetting residual emissions, necessary to develop net-zero strategies.

It is impossible to meet the challenge of sustainability without investing in technology and innovation: this is the subject of our webinar, which together with experts and guests present we will try to argue by presenting the new Carbonsink – South Pole solutions.


Andrea Rumiz | Director Global Partnerships, South Pole
Davide Tonon | Technical Lead – Food & Agro Value Chain, Carbonsink
Viola Potenza | Sustainability Account Manager, Carbonsink

Vitaliano Fiorillo | Lecturer di Operations & Supply Chain Management, SDA Bocconi & Direttore AGRI Lab
Nelly Bonfiglio | Managing Director Italy, TreatwelL

Moderator Ilaria Mantegazza | Key Account Manager, Carbonsink

To register for the webinar HERE