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September 2022 – “Communicating climate change” is the new Carbonsink event scheduled for Tuesday, 27 September, at 11 a.m. CET.

Italian companies’ climate commitments are increasing sharply in response to a regulatory and market push. Driven by increasingly aware consumers, investors and civil society,  companies’ environmental performance is becoming strategically relevant. Communicating businesses’ climate journey is key to pursue long term growth and competitiveness.

But how shall businesses deliver proper communication on corporate climate commitments and avoid accusations of greenwashing?

The event will explore this key question. Bringing to the table different experiences and perspectives from the corporate world, media and climate consultancy, the event aims to provide the necessary tools for responsible and effective climate communication by providing concrete examples and useful guidelines.


Host: Elisa Riva, Head of Marketing & Communication, Carbonsink

Moderator: Nicolas Lozito, Journalist, La Stampa

Rossella Sobrero, President, Koinetica
Riccardo Haupt, Head of Strategy, Will Media
Laura Marchelli, Health, Safety and Environment Manager, Barilla

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