Wildside has set itself the goal of making its company sustainable since 2020, and has decided to take some targeted actions for its film productions. Starting from the application of new sustainable practices to the neutralisation of residual emissions of some important films.

Wildside started measuring the environmental impact related to the production of the following films – “7 donne e un mistero”, “8 Montagne”, “L’immensità”, “Siccità” –  and offset the residual emissions through the purchase of certified carbon credits, making these film productions “carbon neutral”. Thanks to the offsetting activity, Wildside has financed two mitigation projects developed by Carbonsink – one on energy efficiency for a concrete access to water resources, and one on combating deforestation – both with the ultimate goal of contributing to the improvement of the living conditions of local communities while ensuring social, economic and environmental benefits on a global scale.


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Wildside is trying to play a leading role in eco-sustainable audiovisual production, keeping in mind the dramatic environmental condition of the planet and believing it necessary to concretely apply good practices to limit harmful emissions. At the end of production it decided to offset unavoidable Co2 emissions by joining projects offered by Carbonsink“.


  • Environmental awareness;
  • Financing climate action;