Sofidel has been disclosing its climate strategy through the CDP framework for many years to satisfy investors’ and consumers’ demand for more transparency on companies’ decarbonization practices.

We helped the company prepare its climate disclosure to enhance its climate strategy and support its net-zero transition.

Our team led the company in the completion of two CDP 2020 questionnaires. Sofidel attained the top score (“A”) in the «Climate Change» questionnaire. Also, by achieving an “A-” score in the «Forest» questionnaire, the company confirmed its contribution to tackling deforestation.

Through the active participation of all business units, we carried out an in-depth gap analysis for identifying the required actions to maximise the company scoring in the short term.

Along with Sofidel, we developed a mid-term plan for enabling the company to improve its answers and maintain its climate leadership. To do so, we highlighted weaknesses and strengths, advising them on implementing best practices and filling any potential gap.


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“Documenting and making public the impact of the sustainability policies we put in place is crucial for Sofidel. All the more so today, in a context in which the entire world’s attention is focused on the ecological transition and the market – investors, customers, and consumers – are increasingly demanding clarity, transparency, and the sharing of information and data. In its growing commitment to sustainability reporting, Sofidel has found an important and reliable partner in Carbonsink, particularly concerning the CDP reporting system”

Riccardo Balducci, Sofidel Energy & Environment Director.


  • Climate strategy enhancement
  • Positioning company as a leader in climate disclosure
  • Proactive response to increasingly stringent environmental and climate policies
  • Tangible and immediate progress towards the net-zero transition