Hombre believes in the value of sustainability and in this direction has set itself the goal of producing a Parmigiano Reggiano with zero net emissions. By 2021, it has embarked on an analysis of its climate-changing emissions with the aim of studying possible activities to reduce emissions and offset residual emissions that it is unable to zero or reduce today.

Hombre has started a path to include environmental sustainability within its business, following a Carbon Neutrality approach, based on the application of solid scientific foundations. The journey began with the measurement of CO2eq emissions along the production process from the supply of raw materials to the production phase of Parmigiano Reggiano (from cradle to gate) in order to understand the main sources of impact; this was followed by the identification of areas where improvements could be made and actions to be taken to reduce the environmental impact over time. Aware that some of its residual emissions cannot be eliminated, Hombre decided to balance the impacts of some product lines through the purchase of certified carbon credits from a project to combat deforestation in Peru.

The effort made to be able to offer a sustainable product with zero net emissions becomes the cue for us to embark on a path of virtuous growth together with our customers and all those who wish to share our journey. In particular for us, primary producers, this challenge has an even deeper meaning because that same Nature that asks us to safeguard it is for us nourishment, work and guardian of culture and tradition. For Hombre, sustainability is a path that began in 1992 with the conversion to organic farming and that today is enriched by a new important result: the production of Zero Net Emission Parmigiano Reggiano“.

Filippo Raguzzoni, Amministratore Hombre


  • Awareness of environmental impact:
  • Financing climate action and sustainable development
  • Demonstrating climate leadership;