The Acea Group has obtained validation of its direct and indirect greenhouse gas emission reduction targets from the Science Based Targets initiative.

Carbonsink accompanied ACEA in the process of validation of the emission reduction target by the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi): our team of experts worked with ACEA in defining specific targets to be integrated into the Group’s strategic planning that were aligned with the requirements of SBTi, supporting the company in the phases of definition, submission and approval of the target to SBTi, a fundamental step in designing reliable climate roadmaps.

ACEA has committed to achieving the following targets: to reduce GHG emissions per MWh of energy generated by 56% by 2032, compared to 2020; to reduce indirect GHG emissions by 32% and emissions from power generation and fuel and energy procurement, including energy sold, by 56% over the same timeframe; and to reduce emissions from gas supplied and sold to customers by 30%. SBTi assessed ACEA’s targets in line with the ‘Well below 2°C’ trajectory, the goal set by the 2015 Paris Agreement to keep global temperature rise well below 2°C compared to pre-industrial levels.


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“The recognition obtained from this prestigious international network confirms the Group’s commitment to the progressive reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in all its business areas, in line with its sustainable development targets, with the aim of making a concrete contribution to combating climate change.” – Fabrizio Palermo, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager ACEA


  • Full integration of sustainability and energy transition into industrial planning
  • Concrete and immediate signal to contribute to climate change mitigation
  • Improved perception of relevant stakeholders and in particular customers, investors and the younger generation
  • Increased evaluations by the most important ESG ratings