Transparent and responsible communication

Communication of the climate strategy must be transparent and accurate, and should involve all corporate stakeholders, from employees to customers, from suppliers to investors, so its implementation is credible and effective and leads companies to hit their climate goals.

Companies should communicate their climate strategy, both externally and internally, with transparency, accountability and authenticity while disclosing measurable impacts. This demonstrates they are addressing climate change in a responsible and professional manner and aligning with international best practices and guidelines without jeopardising their reputation and avoiding the legal risk of greenwashing.

Climate action is a collective effort. To make the climate journey a robust one and ensure that corporate climate goals are met, it is critical to align all stakeholders toward common goals by engaging and motivating them through educational workshops on climate change issues and the specific climate strategy the company pursues.

Why should you rely on Carbonsink?

At Carbonsink we understand the value of transparent communication and proactive engagement of stakeholders along the corporate climate journey. Our experts offer advice and training on how to accurately and effectively communicate corporate climate strategies and goals to both internal and external audiences. We implement educational and engagement-boosting activities, such as customised workshops designed to educate stakeholders about up-to-scratch climate communication that is aligned with international best practices, reminding all key stakeholders of their responsibilities in achieving corporate and global climate goals. Our values – scientific approach, vertical expertise, and passion – are also central to climate change education.

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