Scope 3

Scope 3 emissions are the indirect emissions related to the upstream or downstream activities of corporate operations. This category includes emission sources that are not under direct corporate control, but whose emissions are indirectly due to its operations.

Decarbonising businesses does not mean ‘only’ reducing direct emissions from the company’s own or controlled sources. For a company that wants to contribute to the achievement of climate goals toward net-zero emissions, simply considering the activities under its direct control is no longer enough: the company must also address the entire environmental impact of its value chain. In fact, the indirect emissions of a company’s supply chain are on average 5.5 times higher than its direct emissions, mainly on account of the goods and services it purchases, which constitute the largest part of a company’s carbon footprint (data from CDP).

When a company addresses the emissions deriving from its supply chain, it gains the opportunity to create an impact on a volume of emissions much higher than the amount it would ordinarily reduce by focusing only on the decarbonisation of direct operations. This is a key opportunity for companies, including SMEs, to assert and demonstrate their climate leadership by encouraging other companies to follow good practices and reduce their carbon footprint, thereby promoting collective climate action.

Why should you rely on Carbonsink?

Calculating Scope 3 emissions is now best practice. Yet calculating them can be complex. Companies are often faced with challenges, such as poor data availability along the value chain, numerous ways to collect the necessary information, and difficulty in choosing the correct emission factors to use. To address these issues, our experts will use a customisable approach according to the level of maturity of the company, the type of data, and the final objective of the project within the company’s climate strategy.

Carbonsink also provides innovative digital tools to facilitate the involvement of suppliers in primary data collection and monitoring, to give access to climate action to all companies, regardless of size and sector.

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