Renewable energy certificates

Renewable energy certificates prove the generation of electricity from clean sources, thus ensuring their traceability and reliability.

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Depending on their scope, on how they’re attained, and on which country your business operates, you can have different types of certificates: I-RECS (certificates of renewable energy produced in non-EU countries), REC (certificates of renewable energy produced in USA and Canada), Guarantee of Origin (GO) (they verify that renewable energy is generated from qualified power plants in Europe).

These tools can facilitate the measurement and reduction of businesses scope 2 emissions. Defining renewable energy targets and verifying their origin is fundamental for companies that want to drive innovation, improve their positioning, and achieve a competitive advantage.

Why should you rely on Carbonsink?

We guide companies through all the stages needed to buy renewable energy certificates: the calculation of CO2 emissions and the estimation of the certificates required based on the company targets; the selection of the certificate type based on where the business operates.

Through our long and vertical experience, we provide companies with detailed assessments and strategic advice.

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