Carbon neutrality

You achieve carbon neutrality when anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere are balanced by equal offsets, removals or absorptions over a given period of time

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Carbon neutrality is a preliminary goal to ensure business efforts are in line with the achievement of their net-zero global target.
Considering this, compensation bridges the gap between what companies can do now and what they must achieve in the future. Therefore, we recommend our customers to follow all the steps of their climate strategy to reach carbon neutrality.

Which are the benefits for your company?

First of all, a tangible and immediate progress towards the net-zero transition. Secondly, you’ll attain a better positioning and competitive advantage over other major players in the field. To add to that, investing in innovation will improve your efficiency while driving down your costs; ultimately, you’ll future proof your business: “business as usual may mean no business at all”. In addition, you’ll gain greater appreciation from customers, investors, and other stakeholders. Finally, your company will align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (climate action, life on land, sustainable cities and communities).

Carbon Neutral Label

Carbon neutrality can apply to a single product. In this case, we calculate the emissions released throughout the different stages of a product lifecycle: raw materials supply, production and packaging, transport and distribution, use and disposal. After performing a cradle-to-grave assessment, we’ll issue the “carbon neutral product” label. This gives credibility to the product carbon neutrality and helps consumers understand how their purchase’s emissions were compensated for.


Why should you rely on Carbonsink?

Our highly specialised expertise in the climate sector is what makes us stand out: we combine an innovative consultancy with a 10-year experience in developing carbon emission compensation projects.

Such competencies are the key differentiator for a rapid and effective shift to carbon neutrality. For this reason, thanks to our passion-driven and research-based approach, we can support companies that want to make the difference.

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