Carbon Footprint

A carbon footprint, also known as Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory, is the total amount of GHG emissions, expressed as CO2 equivalents (CO2e), which are directly or indirectly associated with a product, service, or organisation.

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GHG emissions can be grouped into three scopes: scope 1 (direct emissions), scope 2 (indirect emissions from energy consumption) and scope 3 (indirect emissions occurring along the whole company supply chain).

A correct measurement of a company carbon footprint is the first step to develop an effective climate strategy. It’s paramount to identify each emission source to apply specific decarbonisation actions and therefore increase the reliability of the carbon footprint compensation.

Why should you rely on Carbonsink?

We help companies achieve a detailed measurement of their carbon footprint across all the three scopes. In particular, scope 3 emissions measurement is fundamental to maximise climate disclosure scoring (e.g. CDP, ex Carbon Disclosure Project) and identify the best decarbonisation actions based on climate strategy and reduction target, e.g. Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi).

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