Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint represents the total greenhouse gas emissions -expressed as CO2 equivalents (CO2e) – associated directly or indirectly with a product, organisation or service.

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For a company, calculating and understanding the different areas of a carbon footprint are essential to give strength and credibility to the subsequent phases of reducing emissions and financing climate action.

When calculated correctly, the carbon footprint records the annual greenhouse gas emissions of the entire value chain, from the procurement of raw materials to the end of life of the products. According to the GHG Protocol, which is one of the most widely used standards for greenhouse gas accounting, a company’s emissions are divided into three different areas:

  • Scope 1: direct greenhouse gas emissions from facilities within the boundaries of the organisation
  • Scope 2: indirect greenhouse gas emissions from the generation of electricity, heat and steam imported and consumed by the organisation.
  • Scope 3: indirect emissions related to upstream or downstream activities of business operations. This category includes emission sources that are not under the direct control of the company but whose emissions are the indirect results of its business.

Only by measuring Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions can we get an account of a company’s true carbon footprint, and extending the measurement to Scope 3 emissions is now best practice.

Why should you rely on Carbonsink?

Our experts support companies in the thorough measurement of their carbon footprint, from compiling the Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions inventory to accurately defining Scope 3 emissions. We use a range of approaches to collect relevant data, including innovative digital tools to facilitate collection and analysis. Carbonsink aligns its work with the main global frameworks, performing the calculation of the carbon footprint according to the methodology provided by the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol.

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