Carbon Credits

A carbon credit is a financial unit representing the reduction or removal of one tonne of CO2e from the atmosphere. It is generated through the development of mitigation projects that follow precise methodologies and international standards and is certified by an external accreditation programme (e.g. Verified Carbon Standards-VCS, Gold Standard).

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It can be used in carbon neutral, net-zero or climate positive corporate strategies as a tool to offset emissions (see “Offsetting”) and contribute to mitigation initiatives that fall outside a company’s value chain .

A climate strategy to compensate unavoidable residual emissions must leverage high-quality carbon credits certified by international standards.

Carbon credits are associated with offsetting projects based on the emissions compensation released outside a company supply chain.

When compensation happens within the supply chain, we refer to insetting activities.


Why should you rely on Carbonsink?

Along with our professional consultancy, we provide projects that generates high-quality certified carbon credits.

Thanks to our 10-year experience in carbon management, we develop ad-hoc offsetting and insetting compensation initiatives complying with top-level certification standards.

To add to that, we help our customers select the most suitable compensation instruments out of those available in the voluntary carbon credit market.

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