Funding climate action

The voluntary carbon market remains one of the most feasible and credible options available to companies that want to accelerate climate action beyond their value chain and measurably reduce global emissions.

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The science is clear: in addition to reducing their own impact, companies have a key role in the global transition to net-zero emissions. By investing in ‘verified climate contributions’ through the carbon credit financial instrument, companies can finance critical climate projects around the world that would otherwise not be funded. Such projects can range from tree planting and forest conservation to the introduction of improved cooking stoves and building renewable energy infrastructure. They not only reduce, prevent or remove emissions, but also offer a range of socio-economic benefits, including improved health, better education and the building of sustainable communities.

The benefits for companies

Funding climate action through support for certified projects means that a company is doing its utmost for the climate, aligning itself with international best practices. This is recognised by the Paris Agreement and by the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi), which recommends that companies “take immediate action… to help achieve zero-net global emissions through mitigation actions that extend beyond the value chain.”

Taking action for the climate today, even beyond the supply chain, means gaining a significant advantage over competitors and a better reputation with consumers, investors and other stakeholders. Finally, supporting climate action projects allows companies to align their business with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (climate, biodiversity and sustainable development).

Why should you rely on Carbonsink?

Our uniqueness is represented by the vertical feature of our expertise: we combine innovation in consulting with extensive experience in the development of climate action projects.

Our experts work with organisations worldwide to develop climate action projects certified by leading international standards, with the goal of accelerating the transition to a low-carbon world, protecting natural ecosystems and biodiversity and supporting local communities in developing countries.

Our team has access to more than 850 climate action projects around the world and will work alongside you to select the most appropriate certified projects aligned with brand values. By championing these projects, your company will achieve real and scalable impacts, engage stakeholders, achieve goals, and align with international best practices.

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