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Carbonsink released the new Net Zero Readiness Index 2022. The analysis, conducted by Carbonsink in collaboration with Borsa Italiana (Italian Stock Exchange), assesses the preparedness of major Italian companies to meet the decarbonisation challenge. Although Italy’s private sector has made significant progress on climate, both in terms of increasing climate commitments and their integrity and alignment with international standards, the study shows that companies are still lagging behind the scenario envisioned by the Paris climate goals. With COP27 just months away, the results of the analysis are meant to be a call to action, encouraging the private sector to take climate action today.

The new data result from an analysis of the completeness of greenhouse gas emission inventories, emission targets and offset strategies of the top 100 companies by capitalization listed on the FTSE MIB and FTSE Italia Mid Cap indexes. Highlighting the important challenges that Italian companies face in accelerating their readiness for a low-emission economy, the analysis also identifies a set of actions that can be put in place immediately by any company that wants to prepare today for tomorrow’s net-zero.

The Net Zero Readiness Index 2022 was presented on September 6 at the Borsa Italiana Italian Sustainability Week by Daniele Carbonin, Regional Coordinator Climate Strategies, Carbonsink, during the session Route to net-zero: the readiness of the Italian listed companies.

Find out the new data and what companies can do today for climate: download the Net Zero Readiness Index 2022.

Dowload the Net Zero Readiness Index 2022 Executive Summary of Findings in English here.