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October 2019 – Carbonsink for the 2019 edition of Salone della CSR e dell’innovazione sociale presents the Report dedicated to the perception of climate risk of the main Italian listed companies.

The objective is to present a first index of perception of companies listed on the Italian Stock Exchange (FTSE MIB) of their exposure to climate risk and to contribute to fill the information gap that makes it difficult for investors to understand how companies face the challenges posed by climate change. The index wants to be a tool that contributes to increase the awareness of companies themselves on their role as drivers of sustainable development.

After an introduction by Carbonsink on the importance of the disclosure of non-financial information related to climate for companies, and on how and why the idea of publishing a Report on this issue was born, the event will include the involvement of all the subjects that contributed to the realization and publication of the study.

LUCA TESTONI | Director Eticanews | MODERATOR

The project aims to contribute to the promotion of corporate social and environmental responsibility by encouraging large companies to adopt sustainable practices and integrate sustainability information into their annual reports.