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April 2021 – The fashion sector in Italy is aware of the great challenges related to climate change, now is the time to do more and faster. It is one of the main findings emerging from the report “Climate changed. Time to act. Italian fashion industry on the path towards a sustainable future”, the first publication produced by Carbonsink entirely dedicated to the Italian fashion and luxury industry.

The study starts from the screening of around 150 companies and focuses on a selected sample representing about 90 Italian fashion brands. By collecting and evaluating publicly available information, Carbonsink examined the commitments and actions of the sample companies in the fight against climate change, to improve understanding of how the sector is addressing the challenges posed by the climate transition.

“Over 90% of the analyzed companies consider climate change relevant to their business and measure GHG emissions at company level”, commented Andrea Maggiani, founder and CEO of Carbonsink, in an interview with Vogue Italy. “On the other hand, there are crucial areas of action where there is still a good way to go. For example, in the areas of risk management and ambitious emission reduction goals”.

The report provides analysis and guidance on how the sector can help address the challenges of climate change. A quick piece of advice? “Be ambitious and build on best practices,” explained Alessandra Soresina, Wildlife Biologist and REDD + Expert, Carbonsink, in the interview.

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