Planting fruit trees in the North Manica province, in Mozambique.


  • Verified Carbon Standard

CO2 Emissions

+30.000 tCO2/year

Planted trees

+2.000 Trees



The project entails planting fruit trees in the North Manica province, in Mozambique, about 40 Km southeast of Chimoio and just outside Sussundenga.
Before the project was implemented, the area was completely abandoned and degraded, with no forest coverage at all. Over the years, local people tapped into the area wood resources for heating and coal production. Doing so, they hindered the natural regeneration of the soil, thus having a negative environmental impact. By planting these fruit trees, we’ll restore the deforested area. Accordingly, we’ll reduce soil erosion and improve local community income and life conditions.
Our aims are: Capturing GHG emissions via planted fruit trees; preserving local biodiversity through the implementation of an agroforestry program; supporting a sustainable development for the local community by providing trainings and job opportunities in the sustainable agriculture field.

    Environmental benefits

  • Promotion and development of an agroforestry program in a deforested land
  • Restoration of degraded soil, reduction of erosion rate and increase of local biodiversity
  • Climate change mitigation thanks to a 30,000 tCO2 reduction per year

    Social and economic benefits

  • Increase of productivity in all sectors, with specific regard to agriculture
  • Promotion of modern technologies to increase exports
  • New job opportunities and better working conditions
  • Trainings and more awareness among the local population on sustainable agriculture practices
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Climate Action
  • Life on Land