New tropical tree plantations for redevelopment of degraded land


  • Verified Carbon Standard

CO2 Emissions

+37,000 tCO2/year


+400 New jobs



The Project consists of establishing new teak plantations on degraded land in the states of Tabasco, Chiapas, and Campeche, in southern Mexico. The main objective is to restore land degraded mainly by extensive cattle ranching, which has contributed to deforestation and loss of habitat for wildlife.

Thanks to the protection of the land, the project provides new job opportunities for local communities, contributing significantly to the sustainable development of the areas through the creation of a sustainable Teak supply chain.

The project, thanks to the reduction of atmospheric emissions, contributes concretely to the mitigation of climate change and the preservation of local biodiversity.

    Environmental benefits

  • Drastic reduction of emissions and concrete contribution to climate change mitigation;
  • Reduction of forest degradation and deforestation;

    Social and economic benefits

  • New job opportunities and improved working conditions;
  • Training and outreach to local communities for sustainable forest management;
  • Quality Education
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Climate Action
  • Life on Land