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Taking climate action is imperative and the role of the private sector in the transition to a net-zero society is becoming an increasing priority. Companies have the opportunity to take the lead in climate action, proactively acting on the emissions they generate along the supply chain and beyond, and inspiring consumers with increasingly climate-conscious products and services. The demand for solid credentials with respect to companies’ commitment to climate is also intensifying, both from investors, who assess sustainability ratings to decide whether or not to finance a company, and from civil society, which monitors growing sustainability claims to ward off instances of greenwashing, and from consumers, who reward virtuous companies with their purchasing choices. According to a study by Simon Kutcher Partners, for at least 30% of the Italians interviewed, sustainability is one of their main purchasing criteria.

In a rapidly changing and evolving world where corporate climate performance becomes strategically important, companies increasingly need tools to facilitate their climate journey. Measuring their impact and monitoring their climate progress, visualising it in real time and involving their stakeholders in the company’s climate action have become primary necessities for companies that want to continue to grow, and are also a strong competitive advantage. However, these are not easy steps to take.

This is where the digital technology of the new Digital Climate Solutions designed and developed by Carbonsink and South Pole comes into play, to make climate action accessible to all companies, regardless of their size or sector, and achieve net-zero as quickly as possible and on a larger scale. We have launched three innovative digital tools on the market, which will accelerate companies’ climate action, reduce the time spent on monitoring and data collection, and facilitate connections between company, suppliers and consumers. All in a few simple clicks.

  • Carbondata is the ideal solution for collecting emissions data along the supply chain, involving your suppliers and accurately measuring your impact on the environment.
  • Carbonvista is the digital tool that allows companies to constantly monitor their climate journey, facilitating the planning of concrete actions to reduce their emissions.
  • Climate Click is our tool with which customers of e-commerce platforms can offset their online purchases, contributing to corporate climate action by financing climate change mitigation and sustainable development projects.

Aware that technology is the new frontier of climate strategy, Carbonsink and South Pole are investing in Digital Climate Solutions as an added value to our consulting services, confident that these solutions can support all companies to support decarbonisation, improving processes and enhancing brand value and reputation.

For more information on Digital Climate Solutions, please contact us.