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January 2021 – Carbonsink presents a new service to support companies in their decarbonization path: Carbonvista is the new Climate Analytics tool capable of improving its climate strategy, in line with the company mission, and respecting international climate goals.

Always at the forefront to offer climate change mitigation strategies to the private sector, and with a view to constant innovation, Carbonsink has decided to develop innovative data management and analysis tools, useful for supporting companies in the long-term management of the net-zero emissions targets.

Carbonvista is a software capable of monitoring the environmental performance, identifying possible activities to reduce emissions and ad hoc offset tools, to support the company in adapting its business model to new climate scenarios and guiding them in an effective and long-term climate strategy.

Companies play a fundamental role in combating climate change and the new Carbonvista tool will be able to support companies in managing their carbon footprint, monitoring their environmental performance, and designing feasible and consistent net-zero emissions goals, essential for a fight concrete to climate change.

Carbonsink will make available its expertise for the correct compilation and use of the software, accompanying companies interested in the tool in all phases of creation of their environmental strategy: from data entry, to software optimization through specific company characteristics, to the design of each parameter used by Carbonvista for the elaboration of the final results and the creation of specific infographics.