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October 2018 – Carbonsink is proud to announce the establishment of “CARBONSINK MOÇAMBIQUE LDA”, an essential element for the development and growth of the Group.

The creation of the local society is a necessary step to operate in a structured manner in the country and to carry forward the more than 10 projects in which Carbonsink is engaged in the various provinces of the country. The local presence of Carbonsink, in Mozambique since 2013, strengthens relations and partnerships, and demonstrates to the Mozambican institutions the desire to invest concretely in the country.

The main objective of the company is to become a central player in the development of climate change mitigation projects through the main mechanisms of Climate Finance: certain that the carbon credit market and Climate Finance are now strategic tools that make possible the synergy between the private world and international cooperation.

Carbonsink Mozambique Lda will strengthen relations with the world of cooperation, institutional donors, local government, investment funds and private investors, demonstrating operational capacity and the creation of value and transfer of know-how in the country.

The areas of intervention on which the company wants to concentrate are linked to the conservation of natural resources, the protection of forests, urban development and energy efficiency, access to energy and the efficient and sustainable use of bio masses for energy purposes.

Carbonsink developing and supporting climate change mitigation projects, actively contributes to improving the living conditions of the local population, collaborating for a possible and concrete change and demonstrating the fundamental contribution that companies can have in the full achievement of sustainable development.

For Carbonsink, becoming an established interlocutor in Mozambique represents a fundamental step for the application of the new rules and opportunities linked to Article 5 and Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.

Andrea Maggiani, founder and Managing Director Carbonsink believes it is “a fundamental step that demonstrates the long-term strategy of Carbonsink in Mozambique.Our goal is to make the company the main point of reference for the private sector in the country, on the issues of mitigation of climate change and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals”.