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February 2021 – The new Carbonsink service dedicated to Carbon Neutrality is designed to provide transparency and value in achieving carbon neutrality of product and thus support consumers in understanding the process that led to balancing the emissions of a specific product.

Achieving product Carbon Neutrality represents a strategic activity for positioning among the leading companies in the fight against climate change. At the same time, a growing number of consumers are increasingly interested in the environmental impact of their purchasing choices and want to be able to access data and information on the product purchased quickly and easily.

Carbonsink, thanks to the experience gained in consulting specialized in mitigation strategies for companies, will accompany the company in all the steps necessary to achieve the Carbon Neutrality of a product in line with the standard (PAS 2060).

Once the measurement, reduction and compensation process has been completed, the company will be able to obtain the “Carbon Neutral” label to demonstrate that all minimum requirements have been met, respecting the main reference standards.

The “Carbon Neutral” label will be associated with a specific ID code, attributable to the individual product analyzed. The ID code will also be the “access key” to the dedicated web page, where Carbonsink will report all the main data relating to the Carbon Neutrality of the product useful to the company, its customers and stakeholders. Today, it is increasingly fundamental as companies and governments are moving towards achieving the net-zero emissions target by 2050.