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June 2018 – Carbonsink is proud to announce the official launch of “Agri-SMART: supporting the resilient and inclusive development of Gilé, Lugela, Derre and Namarroi districts in Zambezia – Mozambique”.

The sustainable development project developed with the NGO COSV, and the collaboration of local and international actors such as CELIM, the social cooperative Eliante, the Italian Universities of Urbino and Milan, the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions (PIME) and the Department of Land and Environment of Zambezia (Mozambique). The project was made possible thanks to the support of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.

Thanks to the partnership between different types of actors, Agri-Smart is in line with Number 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the 2030 Agenda, which stresses the importance of “inclusive partnerships built on principles and values, on a common vision and on shared goals that put people and planet at the centre”.

The main aim of the project is to strengthen food security in the four districts of Mozambique and develop sustainable agri-food chains.

Sustainable production for local development

For the next three years, the project will actively involve the local population in promoting and establishing sustainable, long-term agricultural production.

Agri-Smart aims to build infrastructure suitable for processing and marketing products by increasing the welfare benefits derived from the economic activities, through the reduction of resource use, degradation and pollution throughout the production cycle, thus improving the quality of life of local communities.

The project also envisages the strengthening of productive sectors such as fish farming and beekeeping, encouraging diversified and sustainable rural development and increasing awareness of environmental issues related to climate change and knowledge of new and innovative tools to meet the challenges of sustainable development.

Project initiatives in developing countries

Carrying out climate change mitigation projects in developing countries, promoting sustainable local development, is one of Carbonsink’s key activities. Carbonsink has always been at the side of companies, public and non-profit organisations in the design of a long-term climate change mitigation strategy, capable of achieving sustainability objectives through innovative solutions.

Carbonsink’s participation in Agri-Smart confirms one of the main intentions of our project activities, namely, to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of local communities by guaranteeing social, economic and environmental benefits on a global scale.