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“Funding Climate Action. Credibility and competitive advantages” is the new Carbonsink webinar scheduled for Thursday, 15 June, at 11 a.m.

Financing climate action is not only about saving and reducing tons of CO2 but also about generating real social and economic benefits for the communities living in the areas where mitigation projects are implemented. Projects that are certified with rigorous and transparent methodologies, ensuring positive impacts on climate, people, nature and biodiversity.

Discover how climate action financing, embedded in a sound strategy, enables companies to gain important competitive advantages and communicate their commitment with clarity and responsibility, in a context where more and more stakeholders are making it a criterion for purchasing and investment choices.


Guido Alfani, General Manager Carbonsink & Head of Southern Europe Climate Solutions South Pole
Viola Stefanizzi, Senior Specialist Climate Project, Carbonsink
Heather McEwan, Senior Manager (Africa and the Middle East) – Regional Engagement, Verra
Moderated by Andrea Gori, CEO and Founder, Illuminem

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