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November 2019 – Carbonsink is proud to take part in the 25th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25), scheduled for December 2 to 13 in Madrid, with a side event in the Italian Pavilion organized in collaboration with Italian Climate Network (ICN), thanks to the call open promoted by the Ministry of the Environment.

“Voluntary markets and the role of compensation projects post 2020” is the title of the Carbonsink-ICN event to be held on December 9th from 3.30pm to 5.30pm, and which has the main objective of presenting the point of view of various experts on the role of voluntary carbon markets in achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

In particular, the importance of voluntary action under the Paris Climate Agreement and the decarbonisation process will be emphasized, with an in-depth analysis of the negotiations on Article 6 and the post-Kyoto markets.

In this regard it will be discussed how the private sector can contribute to finance mitigation projects through the voluntary market, with an in-depth analysis of the latest IPCC report and the role of forest mitigation (including carbon accounting methods for mitigation targets and the new European regulation LULUCF).

Finally, the importance of an approach to compensation projects based on respect for the Sustainable Development Goals, human rights and the participation of impacted stakeholders will be reaffirmed.

The Carbonsink-Italian Climate Network side event was made possible thanks to the official invitation made in recent months by the Italian Ministry of the Environment. The invitation was addressed to universities, public administrations, international organizations, civil society and the private sector.

During the COP25, The Ministry of the Environment, with the participation of Connect4Climate (global communication campaign on climate change within the World Bank), will draw attention to the role that young people can play in the fight against climate change as an engine of civil society.