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May 2018 – Carbonsink is proud to announce its participation at 3rd ICROA Forum, scheduled for 23rd May during Innovate4Climate in Frankfurt (Germany), the annual event launched in 2017 to promote a global dialogue linked to climate finance and sustainable development.

ICROA is a non-profit organization made up of the leading carbon reduction and offset providers in the voluntary carbon market.

ICROA’s commitment to promoting a sustainable development

The third ICROA forum is committed to providing an update on initiatives under the Paris agreement, identifying the requirements for sustainable growth and establishing a platform for collaboration and information sharing to increase voluntary action.

In fact, the voluntary carbon market provides the tools to affirm a real climate leadership, the use of CARBON CREDITS to voluntary offset the emission that are not able to reduce is one of the solutions to improve the commitment on climate change, which would allow the private sector a gradual transition to a low carbon economy, thus fostering a model of sustainable development.

Code of Best Practice for a Low Carbon development

Carbonsink as an ICROA member since 2015 is committed to respecting the Code of Best Practice and promoting a model of sustainable development, supporting companies in managing their CO2 emissions, and making it an opportunity for development through climate change mitigation strategies.

The ICROA Forum and the Innovate4Climate event, promote innovative financing tools and new approaches to support and increase low carbon development paths, and reflect the vision, mission and values ​​of Carbonsink’s business strategy, reaffirming the essential role of the private world in the fight against climate change.