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May 2019 – Carbonsink is proud to take part in the official CDP event – CDP Milan Spring Workshop – scheduled for Thursday, May 16 at Le Village (Corso di Porta Romana 61, 20122 Milan).

For the second consecutive year as the only Accredited Solutions Provider in Italy (Silver climate change consultancy), Carbonsink will be among the partners of the event together with the Ministry of the Environment, EcoAct and Schneider Electric. Confirming and renewing its commitment to providing strategic advice to companies on the risks and opportunities associated with climate change.

The annual CDP workshops aim to provide support and guidance for the new 2019 disclosure cycle, to make the dissemination process as simple as possible. This year’s main points will include an in-depth focus or supply chain management, and the promotion of best practices to help companies undertake an effective and long-term Climate Action, in line with the objectives of sustainable development and the transition towards a Net Zero Emissions economy.

Andrea Maggiani, Carbonsink Managing Director, will speak at the CDP Milan Spring Workshop during the “Speed knowledge exchange” session, with a contribution on the “Scenario Analysis” topic, a tool that has become fundamental for the same CDP disclosure and for the engagement of its stakeholders, useful for managing the risks inherent in climate change and a real opportunity for companies if used as a decision-making tool.

As an exclusive CDP partner in Italy, Carbonsink can help companies prepare a complete CDP presentation, and will be at the complete disposal of participants who want more information and details on the CDP reporting system. The Carbonsink objective remains to facilitate the compilation of the questionnaire regardless of the level of preparation of the Company and to support the organization during data collection and compilation work and in all those activities useful for improving one’s climate strategy and score.