Carbon Tech removal – the new frontier for climate action

7th September 2023, h. 12:45-14:00

A Carbonsink event within the Borsa Italiana
Sustainability Week

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ( IPCC ) 2023  report warns that, although rapid and deep decarbonization of all systems is essential, it will not be enough to stay in line with Paris Agreement climate goals. We must achieve and maintain negative global net CO2 emissions and this requires further deployment of CO2 removal technologies in order to remove at least 3 Gt CO2 emissions per year by 2030.
Developing technologies, expanding demand and increasing investment in tech removal technologies are key to grow a market with the potential to accelerate climate action at an unprecedented scale. During the lunch event, we will understand why tech removals need to be part of our expanding climate solutions portfolio, what’s in it for the private sector and what are the challenges and opportunities ahead.

REGISTRATION: before 1st September filling out the form

*The event includes a networking light lunch


  • Philip Moss, Global Director, Technology Strategies, Tech Carbon Removals, South Pole
  • Guido Alfani, General Manager Carbonsink & Head of Southern Europe Climate Solutions, South Pole


  • Palazzo Mezzanotte, Milano. Area Scavi.