Climate Click

Climate Click is the tool designed by Carbonsink and South Pole, enabling end consumers to compensate emissions related to their purchases via e-commerce platforms.

How does it work?

Climate Click is a plugin developed by Carbonsink and South Pole that can be integrated into any corporate e-commerce platform in just a few minutes. With one click, end-consumers can compensate the emissions generated by the production and shipping of the products they purchase, helping to fund certified climate action projects.

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With Climate Click your company can

its consumers in the company’s climate journey, making them more active and aware

by balancing greenhouse gas emissions from the production and transport of products, thus supporting projects with multiple benefits for the climate, biodiversity and communities

conversion rates on their website, offering a unique and attentive service to new groups of impact-conscious consumers

the largest global portfolio of certified climate action projects to offer its consumers and align with brand values

access to other South Pole services to strengthen the climate strategy

Climate Click is downloadable as a plugin for all companies using Shopify, Magento and Woo Commerce.

Available in three versions:


  • Accurate calculation of product or transport carbon footprint
  • Ability to offset emissions in real time by funding certified climate action projects
  • Installation in just a few clicks

Premium (99€ / month)

  • Customisable plugin and impact calculator
  • Integrate sustainability storytelling into the customer journey
  • Select the climate action project most aligned with corporate values

 Custom solution

  • Calculate product and shipping emissions based on our extensive database
  • Integrate our technology into your e-commerce
  • Offer customers a customised selection of climate action projects to balance product and transport emissions
  • Provide access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager to ensure you achieve the business goals and service your customers expect