Carbonvista is the tool designed by Carbonsink to better understand corporate carbon footprints and guide companies in developing a robust climate strategy.

How does it work?

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Acting on climate is essential for companies that want to operate in a low-carbon economy, a journey that starts with measuring and monitoring corporate emissions.

As a leader in the development of climate solutions for companies in the Italian market, Carbonsink has developed Carbonvista, an innovative digital tool for the management and analysis of climate data, designed to support companies in their strategic decisions and guide them on the road to decarbonisation.

Carbonvista accompanies your company through the essential steps of the decarbonisation journey:

  • monitors the company’s environmental performance and the most relevant emission sources
  • outlines possible decarbonisation scenarios
  • identifies residual emissions that it will be possible to offset

Advantages of Carbonvista software

  • A single tool contains the most important information related to the company’s climate performance and strategy
  • An operational analysis tool but also a powerful communications tool thanks to its intuitive use and attractive design
  • A user-friendly software for companies, which are supported by the Carbonsink team in compiling the necessary data
  • An opportunity for comparison with competitors thanks to the modelling of reference targets and peers, managed by the Carbonsink team

With Carbonvista your company will be able to

its greenhouse gas emissions inventory

targets and simulate different climate scenarios

your own decarbonisation roadmap and compare it to that of competitors and peers

their own scenarios with those defined by reference standards

an updated dashboard with all relevant data to inform strategic business decisions

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