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September 2022 – Carbonsink supports the first international summit dedicated to the sustainable transition of the Fashion sector, scheduled on 27 and 28 October at Fondazione Cini (Isola di San Giorgio, Venice),

The Forum aims at becoming the annual reference event focused on sustainability in the Fashion sector, with focus, debates, and presentation of data useful to understand the present and future of a key supply chain for sustainable transition.

Two days entirely dedicated to the Fashion sector that will bring together the most important companies in the “Fashion” supply chain to identify the priority challenges, indicate a shared path of change, and start a proactive transformation path based on scientific and measurable evidence: the 27 October day entitled “Just Fashion Transition” organised by Confindustria Venezia Area Metropolitana di Venezia e Rovigo and The European House – Ambrosetti, with the patronage of Assocalzaturifici and the 28 October day entitled “The Values of Fashion” organised by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana and Sistema Moda Italia (SMI).

We are happy to support and participate in the Forum, certain that the fashion sector’s contribution to climate action is indispensable and that the choice to decarbonise this industry is now more than ever a strategic choice.

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