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November 2022 – As a Technical Partner, Carbonsink is supporting the 2022 edition of Salone dello SRI 2022 by ETicaNews, scheduled for 14 and 15 November in Milan at the Palazzo delle Stelline (Corso Magenta, 61).

The title of the 7th edition, ‘It’s time to weigh products, strategies and players’, reflects the initiative’s aim to ‘open up a new lifecycle for sustainable investment: changing market dynamics force us to abandon simplistic and superficial sustainable approaches in favour of those that incorporate more far-sighted and nuanced analyses’.

And “if 2020 was the year of the emergence of ESG on the market, and 2021 that of its explosion in terms of volume, 2022 can certainly be indicated as the year in which the environmental, social and governance model came under attack. But also a turning point, a year of regeneration: the current period of (regulatory and market) pressure is opening up a new phase, in which the market will have to learn to choose. To distinguish between Esg and Esg’.

“Effetto private markets: ritorno alla natura (per il pianeta)” is instead the title of the conference to be held on 15 November, from 10.40 to 11.40 a.m., dedicated to the ESG phenomenon and the world of private markets in which new criteria for fund management, and new frontiers of corporate engagement, are being imposed. Among the speakers Francesco Taddei (Sales & Key Account Manager, Carbonsink), insieme a lui Lorenzo Scarselli (Head of Wealth Italia, BlackRock), Monica Marzinotto (Private Markets – Product Strategy Advisor, Bnp Paribas Asset Management), Giampaolo Giannelli (Global Client Group Vice President, Nuveen); la conferenza sarà moderata da Davide Mosca (Caporedattore, FocusRisparmio).

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