Our story

Carbonsink was founded as a spin-off business of the University of Florence. During its first decade, Carbonsink established itself in Italy as a leader for consulting in the development of climate strategies and projects that generate carbon credits certified by the most important international standards.

Our Italian offices are located in Milan and Florence, and since 2018 we have had a presence in Africa, with our team based in Maputo, Mozambique.

After joining the South Pole group in 2022, we have gained access to innovative global resources and technologies in addition to over 850 projects worldwide, maintaining our role as a local leader in the Italian market.

Our values

a methodological approach that makes research and experience an added value, using climate analytics tools and digital and technological innovation

 a vertical feature of our ten years of experience, ranging from consulting to the development of certified climate action projects, including skills aligned with international best practices

a team of professionals on climate change issues, with international resources and leadership in the domestic market and the ability to create engagement and effectively tell our story of climate action

Climate impact for all 

Climate impact for all 

Climate impact for all 

Climate impact for all 

Climate impact for all 

Team commitment

Climate action is a collective effort. At Carbonsink we have always been committed to safeguarding the rights of those who work with us and for us. We respect gender equality and uphold the principles of the UN Global Compact.

We are also committed to our impact on climate. We have measured our GHG (Greenhouse Gas) inventory, defined a plan to reduce our emissions, and taken responsibility for the remaining emissions by funding certified climate action projects.

We have also chosen to align our mitigation projects with the Sustainable Development Goals by focusing specifically on: