Our story

Born as a University of Florence’s spin-off, Carbonsink has now become a leader in Italy in the development of climate strategies and projects generating high-quality carbon credits

In Italy our offices are in Milan and Florence. By joining the South Pole family we now have more than 20 offices worldwide, in addition to our office in Maputo, Mozambique.

From January 2022, we are part of South Pole. Together, we share more than 10 years of experience in climate consulting and mitigation project development, and we share a passion and deep knowledge for combating climate change.

By joining the South Pole family, we leverage global resources and access to innovative technologies and some 700 projects worldwide, while maintaining our role as a local leader in the Italian market.


We believe experience and commitment make the difference: being the result of 10 years of work on climate change mitigation, our consultancy combines research and methods with an integrated vision in managing certified projects on a global scale.

We think it’s possible to monitor data while providing value to people. We have developed two ground-breaking tools for businesses: Carbonvista and Carbon Pricing climate analytics. These essential instruments are available for anyone who wants to make a difference.

We succeed together: We are a competent and motivated team which stands out for its unparallel knowledge in this field. Our team supports local communities in developing countries affected by climate change and collaborates with anyone who wants to achieve a certified and profitable net-zero climate impact.

True Climate Impact for All 

True Climate Impact for All 

True Climate Impact for All 

True Climate Impact for All 

True Climate Impact for All 

Team commitment

At Carbonsink, we want to sustainably thrive together.
For this reason, we have always protected our employees’ rights and promoted gender equality. We have also committed to the UN Global Compact.

We have committed to reduce our climate impact. We have measured our Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory, defined a carbon emission reduction plan and compensated for our Scope 3 carbon footprint; doing so, we achieved the following Climate Neutral Now results: Gold (Measure), Silver (Reduce), and Gold (Contribute).

Moreover, we have aligned our mitigation projects with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), focusing on: