For every emission has an opposite reaction

Raising temperatures, increasing population, and global resources scarcity coupled with the ever-growing demand for more sustainable products and services by customers and stakeholders - all these mean toward substantial transformation for businesses.

Adapting Your Business Model to new climate change challenges is no longer just an opportunity, but a matter of competitiveness over time.

Our team, composed of business consultants and emission reduction experts, makes Carbonsink a unique partner capable to, in one hand, developing business strategies to measure and mitigate emissions, and on the other, implementing emission reduction projects in developing countries, integrated into the companies' production chains.

Servizi Consulenza


The company, including its supply chain, is closely analyzed to calculate the amount of emissions generated and to develop customized strategies to reduce emissions.

Servizi Progettazione


Every mitigation project is followed by design phase on the field, following the most accredited certification standards to ensure compliance with social, economic and environmental requirements.

Servizi Comunicazione

Reporting and Communication

Carbonsink supports customers in the data collection and presentation of non-financial nformation required by major reporting standards with the aim of improving the performance and positioning of the company.

Icona Analisi


All the projects are developed as a result of specific study of the business and its industry sector to identify the most suitable strategy.

Icona Network


Carbonsink collaborates with the best national research centres and is part of the most important business networks at global level ( IETA, ICROA) within the climate change mitigation sector.

Icona Supervisione


All the project phases are monitored to guarantee a high qualitative and correct measuring process followed by certification of the CO2eq emission reductions (for Carbon Credits).

Icona Certificazione


The projects realised by Carbonsink are all certified with independent entities in line with the standard .

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